Architect of the 1858-9 restoration

William Hey Dykes (the architect of the 1857-8 restoration)

To savour the ineffectual alterations to St Helen's Church, York, we like to know that its architect William Hey Dykes studied with Benjamin Ferrey, that his client was his father's cousin, that he was never robust, that he fell into the Ouse in the winter of 1858 and clung to the ice for twenty minutes before being rescued, and that this started the illness from which he died at the age of 39.

GG Pace in 'Victorian Architecture in York', published in the York Civic Trust Annual Report for 1956-57

At the time of writing this George Pace was himself the inspecting architect of St Helen's.

Mr Dykes was at one time assistant architect at Durham Cathedral and was responsible for St Paul's, Paul Street Hull (1847, demolished 1976 and replaced), the 1849 rebuilding of St Ethelburga's, Great Givendale, and the 1860 apse at St Felix, Felixkirk.

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