This page shows the 2018 programme of concerts, recitals and other events. We welcome enquiries, especially for the summer months. Ticket details are shown in footnotes where appropriate. Booking enquiries by e-mail are preferred.





"Blizzards of Steel - The tale of the Last Viking"

Peter Carrington-Portehas given performances at St Helen in conjunction with the Viking Festival for four consecutive years. From Staffordshire, Peter has a long history of both performing and directing in amateur and semi professional works but his particular interest is in the recreation of the skills of the travelling storyteller. So for his costumed performance the church is darkened and candlelit to represent the hall in which Peter entertains with his dramatic recall of a famous legend.  After 3 consecutive years with sell-out performances of "Beowulf" Peter returned last year with this new work detailing the life of Harald Hardrada (the Viking leader killed at Stamford Bridge 1066) in true "saga" style. A huge success he returns with it twice more.

At 7pm on Thursday 15 February and at 6pm on Friday 16 February. Doors open 30 minutes beforehand. New arrangements this year = Entry by "Pay at Door" £5 cash per person (accompanied children FREE)



Thursday 22 March          An informal drop-in lunchtime concert by "Cansing" , our resident local choir who rehearse in St Helen every week. Details to follow soon.                                           

Wednesday 11 April         A lunchtime concert at 12.30pm given by Rachel Cawte (mezzo soprano) accompanied by Marcus Brigham featuring Elgar's "Sea Pictures" . FREE with a retiring collection.

Friday 27 April       .A lunchtime concert  at 1.00pm by "Musicke in the Ayre" making a welcome return to St Helen for a third consecutive season. Entitled "Breaking barriers in the Baroque" the concert is a celebration of some of the earliest professional female composers and singers in the 16th century Italian courts and will feature Din Ghani on vihuela, lute and baroque guitar with three sopranos, Helen Atkinson, Carmel  Edwards and Marie Lemaire.         FREE with a retiring collection.

Saturday 5 May            An evening concert in memory of York clarinettist Alan Hacker.   Details to follow.     

Friday 8 June               A lunchtime concert at 12.30pm given by the Iowa City West High School (USA). 40 talented singers chosen from the school's 5 choirs are on tour to Ireland and the United Kingdom. They will present a programme of their choice inspired by  the Festival of Ideas theme "Imagining the Impossible"     FREE with retiring collection.

Friday 15 June                  A lunchtime concert at 1.00pm given by Galina Vale, a guitar virtuoso whose  performances combine a charismatic stage presence and dynamic playing style with an unusually wide ranging and technically demanding repertoire including classical music. Galina gave two recitals in 2017 and we are delighted to have her return with a programme inspired by the Festival of Ideas theme "Imagining the Impossible"  FREE with a retiring collection.

Friday 6 July             A lunchtime concert at 12.30pm given by the Blair Mertens Duo who have performed around the UK and in Japan. Classical saxophonists Gillian Blair and Nathan Mertens, accompanied by pianist David Gibson, bring to York their exciting programme of new works by Zach Browning (USA), Lucy Arnstrong (UK) and Andy Scott (UK) together with arrangements of works by well known composers.         FREE with a retiring collection.

Saturday 28 July      An afternoon concert at 2.30pm given by the Phoenix Singers from Birmingham.  Details to follow.            FREE with a retiring collection.

Saturday 15 September    A drum and tabor concert at 7.30pm as part of the International Pipe and Tabor Festival which is coming to York to support the Mystery Plays. The Festival concert will feature performances from our guest musicians and the cream of the Taborers Society. The programme will include early and contemporary music along with re-enactment displays and morris jigs.      Doors open at 6.30pm. Refreshments available. 


 2018 Organ recital programme In association with the York District Organists Association (YDOA) two recitals per month will be given.(May to September). Details to follow

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